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Landscape certification is provided as an auxiliary service for existing customers. This service is also available for new customers and due to unfamiliarity with the project a higher rate will apply. There are 2 aspect of Landscape certification; first it includes an onsite inspection check that the constructed landscape works have been carried out as per the approved plan. During the inspection, we will be looking at how the plants are performing individually. It is important that the client realise that if the plants are not performing well, there is a lack of maintenance which should have been outlined in the landscape maintenance schedule during the approval process. Secondly is the approval process whereby we would issue a letter to either the private certifier or the council to confirm that everything is in order. In the scenario that the landscape works were not satisfactory the client will be contacted to make amends and another inspection will be carried out 2-4 weeks after the amendments have been made to make sure that the plants are performing.