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a graphic and written illustration of specified natural features.

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Landscape plan is a graphic and written illustration of specified natural features such as plantings, ground and water feature, movement, irrigation, lighting, drainage.

The exercise is segregated into 2 major components:

Both landscape designers and landscape architects are qualified to produce Landscape Plan.

Landscape Plan for Home & Land Packages

For every new home there is an opportunity for the homeowner to make a difference in terms of green energy. With the ever growing price of electricity, it is a must to consider a proper design is achieve for your new home. This can save you up to 30% depending on what type of tree and where the trees are located. The opportunity to contribute for a good cause is in your hands and the satisfaction of spending a bit of time and money to choose the right plant is priceless. In many cases, your builder has already added a landscape component in his quote. Most of it does not include a design component which means you are paying for someone to simply lay some turf in your backyard.